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August 13th, 2017

I’m now working on a new solo album.
I’m currently working with a composition for a short film commissioned by Lab80, Italy, for Media Mixer Chicago with Chicago filmmaker Lori Felker. The film will be screened live performances in spring 2018 in Chicago and in Bergamo.

At the end of next year will be a specially written song titled Equinox of Elements, directed by Sara Bonaventura, for the documentary Forest Hymn for Little Girls, commisioned by Raintree school, Saint Louise, Usa.

Soon there will be a docufilm entitled Noma, along with a record / book. A project by Alessandra Lack and Tommaso Marletta, with director Andres Maldonado along with musicians Dominik Gawara, Paul Beauchamp, Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo, Kei Yoshida, Gianni Gebbia and Stefano Giust.

Currently on creation together with Stefano Giust for  “Il Volo di Giulietta”, under the direction of Caterina Mochi Sismondi of the dance company blucinQue in Turin, with dancers and actors. 




Photography by Paolo De Piaggi 2017




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